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Optima System

Welcome to SpinnerWorld - your source for information on PageSpinner and other spinning software, services, news and resources.

Version 5.2 of the versatile Web development package can be downloaded here.


 Help pages for OS X Tools:  
OS X Tools : Apache
OS X Tools : Shell

 PHP support pages    
The PHP support pages will help you get started using PHP with PageSpinner on OS X. More...

 Server Side Extensions    
Use server side extensions to enhance the contents on your web pages: More...

 The Web Robots Pages    
robotstxt.org is the new home of The Web Robots Pages

 Web Spinning Resources    
Lots of valuable links to the best resources and services on the Net! Click to explore!

 Web Browsers           
SpinnerWorld's Resource page with Web browsers available for the Mac.

The HTML image map utility is now included with PageSpinner.

 New search function    
You can now search SpinnerWorld and optima-system.com with Google.


PageSpinner 5.2
is released

MapSpinner 1.0.1
is released with Snow Leopard compatibilty

iCab 4.6.1 is released.

Lessons for scheduling CamSpinner 2.0 with iCal are available.

Simple CSS 2.0:
A Free CSS Authoring Tool

(The Only) Ten Things To Know About CSS

PageSpinner Wiki Plug-ins 1.0 are available.

How to set up WebDAV on your Mac

Book tips: Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML
Pro JavaScript Techniques


SpinnerWorld - your Resource Center for information on PageSpinner and related Web spinning software, services, resources, tips and news. Search...

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