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Optima System

Peter's CDML Tags fro PageSpinner

Peter's CDML Tags is a collection of five user-defined Menu Extensions for PageSpinner.

CDML stands for Claris Dynamic Markup Language, which are tags that you can use to dynamically publish data from FileMaker Pro databases onto the web.

The menu extensions are not intended to be a CDML guide or tutorial. You need to know how to use CDML; these extensions simply make it a little easier to create web pages with it.

Check out http://www.filemaker.com for information about FileMaker Pro and CDML.

Download version 1.1 of Peter's CDML Tags here [~11Kb].

CDML is supported in FileMaker Pro 4.0 and higher from FileMaker Inc.

Quit PageSpinner if it is running. Then, simply drop the extensions into the PageSpinner Extensions folder within the PageSpinner folder. The CDML tags will become available the next time you launch PageSpinner.

To insert CDML tags into your web page, select the Tags menu. Somewhere down the list of menu items you will see 5 new options:

 CDML Conditional
 CDML Form Actions
 CDML Inline Actions
 CDML Link Actions
 CDML Replacement

Show the CDML menus as palettes

See the included CDML Tags Readme file for more infomation about the new CDML menu items.

License Fee    
These extensions are free to use.

The CDML Tags Extensions for PageSpinner are freeware created by Peter Doern, 2000-2001.

Book tips: Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML
Pro JavaScript Techniques


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