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Optima System

PageSpinner Wiki Plug-ins 1.0

PageSpinner can also be used to create and edit text files. If you are writing contents for a wiki-based site, you can enhance PageSpinner with support for wiki markup for Wikipedia and similar sites, plus Wikipedia searches directly from the editor.

These PageSpinner menu plug-ins may be used when editing contents to be used at wiki sites using the same syntax as Wikipedia. They also provide commands to search for text and articles at the English, German and French versions of Wikipedia.

Download version 1.0 of PageSpinner Wiki Plug-ins here [~22Kb].

Wiki Plugin-in palette


1. Launch PageSpinner

2. Select the menu item File : Open Special : Show User Data Folder. A folder that contains helper folders for PageSpinner is displayed in Finder.

3. Drag and drop the following 3 files from one of the PS Wiki language folders in this distribution, into the Plug-Ins folder inside the PageSpinner User Data folder:

  • Wiki (xx)
  • Wiki (xx) View.scpt
  • Wiki (xx) Search.scpt

(xx is the country code for the language you want to use: currently en, de or fr).

4. The next time you launch PageSpinner you will have a sub menu called Wikipedia (xx) in the Web Tools menu (the globe icon in the menu bar).

PageSpinner's Find button5. You may optionally copy the file Lookup at Wikipedia (xx) into the folder named Search Plug-Ins inside your PageSpinner Plug-Ins folder to get a Lookup at Wikipedia command in the Find button's pulldown menu in the toolbar.


PageSpinner's Web Tools menuThe wiki markup commands are available in a sub menu called Wikipedia (xx) in the Web Tools menu (the globe icon in the menu bar).

You can display the menu as a palette by selecting the menu item About This Menu... and clicking the button Show as Palette. The commands in the menu let you apply wiki markup on selected text in the editor. You can also also search for a word or directly view an article at the Wikipedia site in your main browser.

PageSpinner's Restyle buttonTo edit wiki contents with PageSpinner it is recommendable to use the Text mode in a document window or in the built-in Notebook. The editor mode can be selected from the Restyle icon (the check mark) pulldown menu in PageSpinner's toolbar.

See the included Wiki Plugins Read Me file for more infomation about the plug-ins.

License Fee    
The plug-ins are free to use for users of PageSpinner 4.6 or higher for Mac OS X.

The PageSpinner Wiki Plug-ins are © Optima System, 2007.

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